yU’s new “Before Taxes” CD is more than “Fine”

yU – “Fine” mp3

I’m diggin’ this trippy little hip-pop ditty on an overcast Saturday here in Oaksterdam. Puttin’ up the tracks from Washington D.C., the artist known as yU has a new full length called “Before Taxes” that is more proof if u needed it that hip-hop is alive and well. Mello Music Group is one of the labels that keeps poppin’ out the goods and this record is right at home in their roster of forward thinking artists. “Fine” an exceedingly contemporary sound-collage version of an old school 2 minute radio song. Defiant, hopeful, courageous and creative. And those are good things.

“Fine” (mp3)
from “Before Taxes”
(Mello Music Group)

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