Working For The Rat Race Again

The Specials – “Rat Race” mp3

As any ska fan is already aware, The Specials are back from a wee 30 year vacation to skank the world to bits again. This unique band played its first adrenaline-fueled beats in the late 70’s, as the last echoes of the Pistols faded from the scene. While punk had introduced dub and reggae – thru the Slits, the Clash and others – to a generation of English youth, it was this sharp dressed bunch from Coventry who dug deeper into Jamaican music roots, to serve up a fresh batch of ebullient and joyously rebellious ska music. Without them, ska may have never become the internationally loved genre it is today. Here’s “Rat Race” – from their 2nd album “More Specials” – a must have, and I don’t usually go on about about “must haves.” Enjoy.

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