Who is Meb and why does Meb want to be “Left Alone”?

If Morrisey and Elton John had a baby it might be Meb. Mysterious Meb has either no website, or perhaps a website invisible to the Googlenets, so unfortunately this Superfan cannot do her usual research. I suppose, this artist, true to their work, just wishes, to be “Left Alone.” You can, however, buy the album if you want to hear more. Just click the handy “Need More!” link below. Melancholy and yet so beautiful. Oh, if you have an artist site link for Meb, wont you be a dove and send it to me? Thank you.

Update Nov 4: Aha! Meb has kindly sent me her web address, chezmeb.com! Thanks Meb =)

“Left Alone” (download)
from “Dehors”
(Lazy At Work)
Need more!

Meb – “Left Alone”