When The Choir Sets In, take yr Acid Plutonium

Acid Plutonium! – “And Then The Choir Sets In” mp3

Strangest song ever. And I DIG it. I dig when a band seems to make a purpose of bending minds.  It used to be called psychedelic I suppose. But in 2010, after punk rock, after the dawn and dusk of rave, after Burning Man, Mr. Bungle and Sarah Palin, what does one DO to present a bit of oddness? A group called Acid Plutonium! from Arhus, Denmark  has a suitable answer. This is truly and completely bent. And quite a musical achievement. Enjoy.

Acid Plutonium!
“And Then The Choir Sets In!” (mp3)
from “Acid Plutonium!”
(AP Records)
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