Wheedle’s Groove – “H.O.E.” (mp3)

Wheedle’s Groove – “H.O.E.” (play)

Before Microsoft, Amazon, the Seattle Mariners, and The Seahawks, Seattle had a vibrant live music scene that around funk, jazz and soul music (think: Ray Charles). Most of these bands faded into the vaults of album obscurity, but a few, like Wheedle’s Groove, have been dusted off, remastered and reissued. Originally released in 1967, “H. O. E. ” is a window into the late sixties Seattle sound that sonically encapsulates all the groove based music of the time.

Wheedle’s Groove
“H.O.E.” (mp3)
from “Kearney Barton (iTunes Bonus Tracks Version)”
(Light In The Attic)

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