Verbalizing Beats from the Streets

Beats from the Streets – “Verbalize” – mp3

I can’t think of a more contemporary form of instrumental music than the digitoid compositions of hip-hop. This track, aptly titled “Verbalize,” is like a poem, that speaks of young hip-hop music in the early 80’s, when Afrika Bambaataa lifted bits from German electronic pioneers Kraftwerk and re-tasked them to his own creative ends. This artistic method became known by its digital name, “sampling,” now ubiquitous in hip-hop and pop music. The roots go further back – to the early synthesizer experiments of the 60’s atonal avant-garde – but I wonder if John Cage and Don Buchla would have predicted a record like this one?  Check this mp3 from “Hip Hop Instrumentals Volume 2” on Rize High Records. Bleeping blip-hop bliss.

Beats from the Streets
“Verbalize” (mp3)
from “Hip Hop Instrumentals Volume 2”
(Rize High Records)

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