Vassily Primakov Plays Mozart

Young Moscow born pianist Vassily Primakov is quite the rising star in the US and on the world classical stage. Here’s a live recording with the Odense Symphony Orchestra in Denmark, expertly conducted by American Scott Yoo. This is the first movement of Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 24 in C Minor, an epic piece of great humor and wit, plus an air of impending tragedy. Primakov’s approach is pure and direct – this is not a player who puts himself in front of the composition. Rather he gets on it, goes where it leads, and enjoys the ride. It’s a joy to listen to a work like this played so naturally and vitally. Super clean recording, too. The whole marvelous concert is available from the iTunewebs.

Vassily Primakov: Mozart Piano Concertos
“Piano Concerto No. 24 in C Minor, K. 491: I. Allegro” (download mp3)
from “Mozart Piano Concertos, Vol. 1”
“Piano Concerto No. 24 in C Minor, K. 491: I. Allegro” (play)
(Bridge Records, Inc.)
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