Typhoon Starts Over (and over, and over..)

Typhoon – “Starting Over (Bad Habits)” mp3

The metaphor of love relationship as addiction has long been pounded on by self-help books, therapists, and the occasional song lyric. Breaking up is hard to do. Can’t get used to losing you. Might as well face it you’re addicted to love. Here’s another entry into the log of human struggle, to shake that incomparable jones of need for another person. This well constructed and patient reflection by Portland, Oregon’s Typhoon is a  fine study of the tar bar baby of love. They list their genres as Soul / Healing & Easy Listening / Black Metal, and I must say that’s strangely accurate. Original and worthy work, which might even self-help you along. Enjoy.

“Starting Over (Bad Habits)” (mp3)
from “Hunger and Thirst”
(Tender Loving Empire)

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