Tyde’s magnificent “Chairdance”

Tyde – “Chairdance” mp3

Starting innocently enough with some deceptively simple funky acoustic guitar strums, this track quickly grows into a virtuoso explosion of instrumental Celtic folk fusion. UK’s Tyde are three young players at the top of their game – on guitar, fiddle, and accordion – rocking together and exuding joy at every twist and turn. Hmm, did I say Celtic? This ambitious piece also recalls elements of Klezmer, and even a hint of Flamenco, not to mention every British Isles folk dance you can spill a Guinness too. This, my dears, is what they used to call “making music” back when music was played by actual people! Don’t get me started =) This is the real.

“Chairdance” (mp3)
from “Tyde”
(Mrs Casey Records)
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