Following the Pied TOPR into Righteous Oblivion

TOPR – “Follow the Leader (feat. Mode, Luke Sick & Eddie K)” mp3

‘Nuther thought crime from SF’s seasoned battle rap veteran, TOPR. On his latest collection of dire yet hilarious street screeds, “L. Ron Hustler,” we find our hero in a nihilistic mood, spouting venom in every direction, fighting, testifying, smokin’ drinkin’ and spittin’ verbal apocalypse with abandon. The bay area’s Charles Bukowski of hip-hop? Approximately. Don’t be alarmed by the cold ending to this track. That’s just how they do it in Gurp City. Parental advisory: this record is dangerous and wrong, and it could make your kids deface their Justin Bieber posters with depictions of degenerate sex and drug mayhem. Enjoy!

“Follow the Leader feat. Mode, Luke Sick & Eddie K” (mp3)
from “L. Ron Hustler”
(Gurp City Digital)

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