Then I Met Freddy Kelly..

More vintage Northern Soul! Completely puerile, innocent and bouncy, naive lust/love/like fare. What could be better, on a nice rainy Saturday? Freddy Kelly was an artist on Detroit’s gr8 indie label of the 50’s and 60’s, Twirl Records. The horn section work on this track is to die for, as are the teen-beat tom-tom fills, and the vocal, which soars nicely over the top like a food-colored maraschino cherry on a mound of sugar and cream. The key change up a whole step to set up the last verse is such a perfect cliché, you’d miss it if it weren’t there. Looking forward to hearing more from these Twirl Records comps. This is pop.

Freddy Kelly
“Then I Met You” (download mp3)
from “Twirl Records Story Volume 1”
(Twirl Records)
Then I Met You (play)

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