The Strange Transgressions of a Drunk Horse

Drunk Horse – “Strange Transgressors” mp3

Drunk Horse, I have to say, does something that some rock bands neglect to do these days: they rock. Of this song, I could say it sounds like Led Zep might if they came from Lynyrd Skynyrd’s corner of the American south, or I could just say it careens along like a rampaging horse, drunk and breathing fire. In reality, this band of hair farmers hails from my hometown of Oakland, California, and they kick whole truckloads of ass. Four guys with guitars, drums and real old school rawk chops. Extra crunchy, and oh so much yummy riffing goodness.

Drunk Horse
“Strange Transgressors” (mp3)
from “In Tongues”
(Tee Pee Records)

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