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The Service Industry – “This Town Makes My Skin Crawl” mp3

Outstanding power pop from Austin’s The Service Industry. Sounds like a pissed off Beach Boys spent the weekend rocking out with The Byrds and The Clash. Extraordinary musicality and big-as-the-sky vocal harmonies immediately announce a band of real talent, and I have never heard a negative point made oh so joyously. I suppose that’s to be expected from a group that lists among its many influences: Woodie Guthrie, Jimmy Carter, Sri Chinmoy and Bela Bartok! This is exactly the kind of work I’m talking about when I say there is a wealth of gr8 under-discovered music right under our noses in the vast and tangled Interwebs.

The Service Industry
“This Town Makes My Skin Crawl” (mp3)
from “Calm Down”
(Saustex Media)

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