The Saga Of Gösta Berlings Saga

Here is a mind-bending instrumental from a band worthy of their umlaut. I did not know until moments ago that “Gösta Berlings Saga” is the title of a popular 1890s Swedish Neo-romantic novel. Thanks to the Googles, Wikipedias, and Gösta Berlings Saga – a band from – where else? – Sweden, I am instantly enlightened! In fact, I just ordered the paperback, and DL’d this splendid avant-rock album. It’s marvelous, original, edgy, and strangely romantic. I will listen to it again while I read the book. Why do I think this may involve Absinth?

Gösta Berlings Saga
“354” (download mp3)
from “Glue Works”
(Cuneiform Records)
“354” (play)
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