The Quick & Easy Boys do it “7 Ways”

The Quick & Easy Boys – “7 Ways” mp3

The explosion of the “jam band” genre was precipitated by the eventual end of the Grateful Dead’s seemingly perpetual, decades long tour. The myriad musical variations on the theme from Phish, Widespread Panic and, um, hordes of others were largely based in rock and prog rock. The Quick & Easy Boys, it seems, base their sound more on the latin rock fusion of Santana and War, along with hefty doses of Hendrix, Zappa and P-Funk. And in the classic style of a power trio, they put out such a HUGE sound you wonder how they can do it with just three guys. As their fans like to say, “Yeah Bud!”

The Quick & Easy Boys
“7 Ways” (mp3)
from “Red Light Rabbit”
(Per Capita Records)

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