The Pinker Tones’ Million Colour Revolution

The Pinker Tones – “TMCR Grand Finale”

The Pinker Tones represent the state of the party art in Barcelona, hipness capital of Spain. Filtering a huge range of influences, they expectorate shiny globules of innovative pop glee. Also known as Professor Manso and Mr Furia, longtime vets on their thriving local scene, the PT’s now make their irreverently joyful music available to the world via Interweb. They have several promotracks up, and honestly, I had a hard time picking one to post today, as they’re all brilliant and each one is unique in its own way. Their new album is “Wild Animals” and I must see them live in their natural habitat soon. Here’s the finale from “The Million Colour Revolution” ~ enjoy!

The Pinker Tones
“TMCR Grand Finale” (mp3)
from “The Million Colour Revolution”
(Nacional Records)

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