The Midwest Beat’s retro swirling “Color Radio”

The Midwest Beat – “Color Radio” mp3

I think one of my least favorite descriptive terms for music is “retro” – I mean could you be more vague and non committal? So as a rule I rarely describe anything as “retro,” but, you know the thing about rules is they are made to be broken, so here we go. In an act of sustained and dedicated TOTALLY RETRO worship of 60’s garage pop, northern soul and other yummy styles of that precious musical era, The Midwest Beat is a wonderful band on a retro mission. Here’s one from them I posted earlier called “Get It Started” is a gr8 rave up, and this single “Color Radio” shows these Madison, Wisconsin disciples of 60’s pop luv in a more philosophical mood. Recorded on analog tape and released on vinyl 45’s, of course. Collect ’em all!

The Midwest Beat
“Color Radio” (mp3)
from “At the Gates”
(Dusty Medical Records)

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