The Lost Art of sayin’ “I Don’t Wanna”

Cloak/Dagger – “Don’t Need A”

A friend in High School once made a list of all the songs that said “I don’t wanna” in the lyrics and polled everyone to get their additions. It got pretty long, more than a page of college ruled binder paper, remember paper? Anyway, it had like, half the Ramones entire output and some Elvis Costello and much more. Here’s a new take on an old theme, freshly blurted by the wonderful Cloak/Dagger, from that lesser known bastion of punky ferocity, Richmond, VA. They rock live and have opened for Fucked Up and Kill Your Idols. beMySpaceFriend them, play their music loud and bounce all around like a jumping bean.

“Don’t Need A” (mp3)
from “Lost Art”
(Jade Tree)

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