The Lions Rampant get what they need

The Lions Rampant – “70-30” mp3

Lions. Rampant lions. Lions Rampant. Rampaging rock and roll big cats? But yes. A certain garage rock ethic seems to persist in pure form regardless of what music evolves around and from it. That’s because people like it. They like to hear it and they like to play it and leap around and go nuts to it. It’s like the Art Brut song – “My little brother just discovered Rock & Roll” – there will always be another generation of little brothers whose fertile minds and hearts are all at once reconfigured by three chords banged out by four guys in a garage with sweat coming off the amps. As their record cover says, The Lions Rampant Play Rock N Roll. From the deeply fascinating Deep Elm label, I am proud to present these ravenous felines.

The Lions Rampant
“70-30” (mp3)
from “Play Rock N Roll”
(Deep Elm)

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