Harvey Girls Little Pop Sprout Growing Up Strong

The Harvey Girls – “Hey, Little Sprout” mp3

What is an oak tree, other than a nut who stood it’s ground? Here’s a word of encouragement to a young sprout, from a more experienced stalk. The Harvey Girls are not so much girls, as they are a guy and a girl, who look awfully cute n’ cuddly in their band pics. The music they conjure is remarkable in the way it straddles total pop sensibilities and far out experimental audio weirdness. They generously share a lot of their original music for free, accepting kind donations from their adoring public, plus they do really cool covers and they like kittehs. I approve. I applaud. I leap up and down cheering, in fact. Harvey Girls is now, bebbeh.

The Harvey Girls
“Hey, Little Sprout!” (mp3)
from “Nutate”
(Circle Into Square Records)

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