The Free Design, “An Elegy (Kid Koala/Dynomite D Remix)”

Apart from record collectors like Kid Koala & Dynomite D, The Free Design is a band your momma has never heard of. The Free Design were a The members were all members of the Dedrick family: Chris Dedrick, sister Sandy and brother Bruce were the original lineup; Younger sister Ellen joined the group later, and youngest sister Stefanie joined near the end of their initial career. “An Elegy (Kid Koala/Dynomite D Remix)” showcases what these two artist do best, floating down-tempo with Kid Koala cutting up the vocals in the background. Makes me miss the late 90s when downtempo ruled everyone’s electronic playlists.

“An Elegy (Kid Koala Dynomite D Remix) (play/download mp3)