The Cassettes – “Lady Faire” (mp3)

The Cassettes – “Lady Faire” (play)

What is “pushing the envelope” other than an overused term to describe music that is “over the top” or “edgy” or gag me leaping with a fork, so many other criminally flogged phrases? But I can’t restrain myself, The Cassettes are edgy, over the top and they really push the envelope. Sorry! But it’s true. This band is fearlessly and playfully creative. “Lady Faire” is a rockin’ and original number from their “‘Neath The Pale Moon” CD. There’s some kind of electric singing saw or theremin solo that is a right crack up, and the lyrics are perfectly adorable and silly. From the wonderful Buddyhead Records.

The Cassettes
“Lady Faire” (mp3)
from “‘Neath The Pale Moon”
(Buddyhead Records)

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