The Beatles “And I Love Her” lovingly interpreted

Graham Wardrop – “And I Love Her” mp3

Starting the week off on a very sweet note, here’s an acoustic guitar duet performance of the Beatles’ classic “And I Love Her,” by New Zealand’s steel string virtuoso Graham Wardrop. Eschewing production gimmickry, Wardrop has long focused his efforts on (gasp!) actual playing. He plays entirely with his hands, preferring the tonal possibilities of fingers on steel strings over the more limited range offered by plectrums. Graham’s devotion to his craft is evidenced by the fact that he builds his own instruments to get exactly the sound he wants. And his playing is quite beautiful. So here, I give you, one of the world’s greatest love ballads, played on a guitar built by the performer himself. That’s a lot of love in one mp3! If you like this, click here to find the whole album he made of Beatles covers. Enjoy.

Graham Wardrop
“And I Love Her” (mp3)
from “Beatles Project – Solo and Duet Guitar”

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