The Aimless Never Miss

A band name like that can be the headline of my post, sure, why not? Here is some alterna-pop that is a cut above the noise. Edgy and minutely arranged, “Heart Surgery” by The Aimless Never Miss weds prog rock sensibilities like odd time signatures and angular, syncopated riffs, with a more contemporary emo-ternative lyrical approach. Emoternative? But yes! The guitars and vocals on this track are quite beautiful. The pieces all come together to evoke a unique feeling that is delicious yet hard to describe. Ultimately, that is what original art accomplishes, isn’t it? Lovely work from this Cotati spawned, San Francisco / Oakland based California band.

The Aimless Never Miss
“Heart Surgery” (download mp3)
from “Tran EP”
(500 Records)
Heart Surgery (play)

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