Terry Davidson and the Gears’ Rock n’ Roll Apocalypse

Terry Davidson and the Gears – “Rat Rod” mp3

Like a funny car on fire careening thru downtown with a crazed guitar-wielding giant cartoon rat at the wheel, Terry Davidson and the Gears make their entrance. They pull up at the local saloon, burst open the double doors like in any B-movie western, plop their amps down and commence to raise hell. The boys drink whiskey, the girls get tattoos, and the entire community is generally corrupted. The wreckage is widespread but everyone is smiling with their hair tousled as the band absconds with the till and peels out, to wreak rock n’ roll havoc on the next unsuspecting town.

Terry Davidson and the Gears
“Rat Rod” (mp3)
from “Damnation Blues”
(Blue Skunk Music)
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