Teenage Kicks Luvs Lora Logic

Teenage Kicks – “I Heart Lora Logic” mp3

For a brief moment in 1977, “New Wave” and “Punk Rock” were one and the same, in the minds and safety pin laden cheeks of many a spike haired, spitting angry teen. Teenage Kicks apparently take their inspiration from that storied cultural nanosecond, in this ode to Lora Logic, whom, googlenets be praised, I now know to be the sax player from original new wave punkers X-Ray Specs! She played those gr8 sickly tenor parts on “Oh Bondage Up Yours!” “I Heart Lora Logic” is a punk rockin’ love letter to a pre-riot grrrl pioneer, and a lament to the end of teenage fun. Enjoy.

Teenage Kicks
“I Heart Lora Logic” (mp3)
from “Teenage Kicks”
(Team Science)

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