Acid Girls – “The Numbers Song” mp3

Acid Girls, though you might like to think of them as girls on acid, are in fact, boys in a recording lab. I say “lab” because the old image of a recording “studio” doesn’t apply here. You know, the suited men with their cigarettes, poring over a score between takes in an acoustically engineered giant sauna looking room of fine hardwoods and huge double-paned windows. No, this is as post-modern a record as you can want – purely digital in every way, even the title is digital. And it kicks dance floor boo-tay. My feeling is, if you’re gonna sit around and play with bleeps and bops in the dark, you might as well go the distance and make a work as interesting and fun as this!

Acid Girls
“The Numbers Song” (download mp3)
from “The Numbers Song/ Lightworks”
“The Numbers Song” (play)

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