Taiyamo Denku – “Mona Lisa (Agartha Audio Remix)” (mp3)

Taiyamo Denku – Mona Lisa (Agartha Audio Remix) (play)

Ok this one is huge. Let’s first talk about the production. Freakin’ mighty. The sounds in this track are indelible on a purely audio geek level, ominously arranged into a soundtrack of impending cataclysm. There’s also some an unusually unusually ferocious turntablist vibes sprinkled throughout. On to the lyrics. OMG. Tight, hilarious ensemble spittin’ on a par with the best of the genre. Underground hip-hop is alive and well, and its new name is Taiyamo Denku. Their “Mona Lisa” is an instant classic.

Taiyamo Denku
“Mona Lisa” (mp3)
from “Mona Lisa”
(Uncommon Records)

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