Sophia Lauren, MC Homeless, zoen, Moshe – What’s in a name?

Titles, names. I love good song titles and artist names. As names go, there isn’t a more sensual and evocative set of syllables than “Sophia Lauren.” Say it aloud, fast or slow, you can’t not feel sexy saying that name. An indelible image of her gloriously sunglassed face is conjured. That is not what this song is about. MC Homeless, now that’s a name that gives you a clue. In deliberate and jagged contrast to the shallow materialism of commercialized rap, MC Homeless observes aloud the infested underside of glitz and glamour, populated with desperate, frail, and imperfect humans. From the bleak economic ruins of Youngstown, Ohio, here is the articulate and lyrically fearless MC Homeless, joined on this track by French hip-hop artist zoen. Off the “Goose Bumps 4.0” comp on Milled Pavement Records. Enjoy.

MC Homeless & zoen
“Sophia Lauren (Moshe Remix)” (download mp3)
from “Goose Bumps 4.0”
(Milled Pavement Records)
MC_Homeless_zoen_Sophia_Lauren_Moshe_Remix.mp3>”Sophia Lauren (Moshe Remix) (play)

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