Withered Hand – No Cigarettes – and No Visa!

Here’s another gr8 tune by Edinburgh, Scotland based visual artist Dan Willson, whose musical project is known as Withered Hand. A brilliant and original songwriter, Willson’s work is quickly gaining recognition among music-heads in the US and abroad. One sad detail, however – he may not make his scheduled gig at SXSW, as his visa has been delayed! Apparently, he has to prove that his talents are extraordinary, or they wont let him in. How silly. I signed this petition to ask that Mr. Willson’s visa be expedited, that he might bring his act to the US’s creme de la creme new music fest in Austin, TX. “No Cigarettes” is from the album “You’re Not Alone,” just released stateside this month.

Withered Hand
“No Cigarettes” (download mp3)
from “You’re Not Alone”
(SL Records)
“No Cigarettes”
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Withered Hand Faces A New Dawn With Acute Ennui

This is the sort of thing that college radio deejays play over and over with headphones, crying. Every single line is a fine distillation of young adult angst. The guitar strum is essentially Velvet Underground on uppers in a mall, and the abrupt, cold ending is as appropriate as it is cruel. Five ponderous strokes of the ironic mustachio, a clove cigarette, and a torn vintage Smiths “Meat Is Murder” shirt. That all made sense to me. And that’s kind of scary.

Withered Hand
“New Dawn” (download mp3)
from “Good News”
(Absolutely Kosher)
“Withered Hand” (play)
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