The Travelling Band’s not so desolate “Desolate Icicle”

This one’s pleasing from the first strum. Reminds me of a more upbeat Elliot Smith… a little Wilco… maybe even some Cat Stevens. The arrangement and instrumentation is simple and perfect. Sooo good.

The Travelling Band
“Desolate Icicle” (download mp3)
from “The Redemption of Mr. Tom”
Desolate Icicle (play)

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Ox’s graceful “Burnout” wins me over

Ox – “Burnout”

In the best tradition of modern Americana, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada’s Ox delivers an unhurried, wide as the sky ode to futility. The guitar work here is stellar, shiny and stark, accompanying a delicate lyric that could fall down so easily in one misplaced word, but it never does. Gorgeous harmonies and a full, superb lead vocal, lift this from a simple lament to something far more glorious. I don’t often find myself in the mood these days, for sad country music, but when I do, it has to be this good.

“Burnout” (mp3)
from “Burnout”

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