Stiff Richards was Not From Here

Stiff Richards – “Not From Here” mp3

In the long strange trip of Berkeley, California ska pioneers The Uptones, three founding members spent some time playing clubs on the west coast as Stiff Richards, while the Uptones were on hiatus. During that time, they wrote some of the gr8 songs they now play with the re-formed Uptones. One of the standouts was “Not From Here” which I was thrilled to find is on the set list for their Warped Tour appearances this month. Here is the Stiff Richards original version, off the “E-Mail EP” recently re-released by Fun Fun Fun Recordings. A scorching ska punk number about post modern alienation, sung by The Rev. Paul Jackson himself. Rock it.

Stiff Richards
“Not From Here” (mp3)
from “E-Mail – EP”
(Fun Fun Fun Recordings)

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Alkaline Trio Rocks, Then & Now

Alkaline Trio – “Queen Of Pain” (mp3)

A funny thing happened to the Alkaline Trio on the way to being one in a bazillion obscure pop punk bands in the wastelands of the post-music business. They got famous. Through relentless touring and real fan appreciation and good songs and energetic live shows, by gosh, they’re gettin’ big the old way, and it’s a beautiful thing. On every stop at this summer’s Warped Tour, Alkaline Trio is one of the more eagerly anticipated acts. Here’s an early cut from their 2002 split with Hot Water Music. It rocks. To hear what they sound like now, after a decade of seasoning, check out their myspace and DL the iTunes 10 Song Warped Sampler. These guys are gr8.

Alkaline Trio
“Queen Of Pain” (mp3)
from “Split”
(Jade Tree)

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