Don’t Be Afraid, It’s A Hawt Remix From Denver House Champ, Vanish!

Denver, Colorado has always been a HUGE house music town. Maybe it’s the altitude? Definitely it’s the attitude. Here’s some Denver-vintage House medicine for your boogie fevers, mixed with gr8 affection by DJ Vanish with a brilliant cast of characters. Play this at your party and people will dance and make out.

“Don’t Be Afraid (The Boorman Lewis Method Remix)” (download mp3)
from “Don’t Be Afraid”
“Don’t Be Afraid” (play)
(Velcro City Records)
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Goin’ Monkey Mad w/ Joman’s Mad Monkey

Diggin’ this electro-dance number today. “Mad Monkey” brings an 80’s Atari sound with a crunchy backup bass line and synthy drum loops that are sure to wreak some havoc on the dance-floor. Its fun, fast-paced and makes your body wanna shake and shimmy all night long. Break out the glow sticks baby! Rave on =)

“Mad Monkey” (download mp3)
from “Mad Monkey”
(Velcro City Records)
“Mad Monkey” (play)
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Galactik Knights On My Mind + On The Speakers

If the Star Wars cantina existed today, this would be on the hyperspace jukebox. Fuzzy synths and robot vocals. YAY! Slide me a radioactive cocktail and let’s get this party started. It’s Saturday night, and here is some uncomplicated fun music for ya’s.

Galactik Knights
“You’re On My Mind” (download mp3)
from “You’re On My Mind”
(Velcro City Records)
You’re On My Mind (play)
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DJ Hero’s “Disco Nightlife” Is The Sex

What is it about disco that we love so? And that haters hate so? It is that the music exists only for pleasure, and not for other purposes. To that end, here is some pure hyper-disco booty rockin’ fun, from DJ Hero. Ferocious orbiting bass lines and throbbing filtered synths party over a beat that will fill any dance floor. I love the crazy timbale treatment too, haven’t heard that trick before. Hawt.

DJ Hero
“Disco Nightlife” (download mp3)
from “Bass Dog Pt2”
(Velcro City Records)
“Disco Nightlife” (play)
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DJ’s Heroic LFO’s and Oscillators Hail The New Year

Sex and Dancing and Drugs, Oh My! Yes, I AM all about electronic dance music on New Years Eve. Must be ’cause I spent most of my early 20′s in San Francisco and Oakland nightclubs, warehouse parties and raves til all hours. It’s been a gr8 year of music here! Thank you all for hanging, hope you have enjoyed my selections. Dj Hero, take us out.

DJ Hero
“LFO’s and Oscillators” (download mp3)
from “The Whomp EP”
(Velcro City Records)
“LFO’s and Oscillators” (play)
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