Dubstep Bliss – Infected By Bass Bacteria!

BetaSP – “Bacteria” mp3

‘Lectronibots, baby. Lil’ multiplying microscopic nanopuppies of underground bass music bliss. BetaSP‘s work is aggressive and urgent, like the dance music of the late 80s and early 90s when it was still a mostly underground phenomenon – unsafe for mainstream use, a playground for the adventurous and bold. Get a little o’ this bacteria on yr tongues, kittins. From Trenchant Dubs’ l8est brilliant dubstep comp, here is “Bacteria” remixed by Chrissy Murderbot. It’s a party.

BetaSP, Chrissy Murderbot
“Bacteria” (mp3)
from “Bacteria E.P.”
(Trenchant Dubs)

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Take a bite of Tone Liv’s Superhero Sandwich

Tone Liv – “The Mayor Special” mp3

In a last-rapper-standing epic of cinematic proportions, Tone Liv employs a soulful hard rock loop for the soundtrack to his lyrical marauding. No MC is left standing. And a good time was had by all. “The Mayor Special” from “Superhero Sandwiches” on, what else, Domination Recordings.

Tone Liv
“The Mayor Special” (mp3)
from “Superhero Sandwiches”
(Domination Recording, LLC)

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It’s a “Heavy Wait,” but Dokument shows up

In the vast and ever changing world of hip-hop, an original concept, a dope beat, and well-oiled lyric spittin’ chops are hard things to find all in one place. Intelligent and cre8ive, yet still street wise, Dokument delivers the goods. A healthy hip-hop snack for your balanced diet.

“Heavy Wait (feat. Sojourn and Propaganda)” (download mp3)
from “Planet Dok”
(End Of Earth Records)
Heavy Wait (feat. Sojourn and Propaganda) (play)

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Cookbook & Uno Mas cook “The Petty”

It’s an endless source of material for rappers, to expound on the weakness of their competition. It’s been a staple of hip-hop almost from the beginning, and shows no sign of letting up. It’s fun, really, I mean there’s no limit to the ways one can express the superiority of one’s own skillz and crew, and it can be entertaining. Here’s a solid track of boasting, complete with that pitched down “skrewed” male vocal, some gr8 samples and production, plenty of clever lines, and a nice hooky female vocal chorus. It’s a genre within the genre, and a way to show love for the form, more than anything else. Step up to da mic, you gotta be up on game, yo! Bust it.

CookBook, UNO Mas
“The Petty (feat. Scarub, King Charizmatic)” (mp3)
from “C&U Music Factory”
(AudioSketchBook / End Of Earth Records)
The Petty (feat. Scarub, King Charizmatic) (play)

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J-Live’s “Hush The Crowd” gets LOUD

J-Live – “Hush The Crowd” mp3

J-Live core-dumps k-nowledge about the real bidniz of live hip-hop. A precise and insightful study, yes, but this is also pure entertainment. Elegant and subtle musical production on “Hush the Crowd” stays right on par with J-Live’s relentlessly brilliant lyrical flow. This is the real.

“Hush the Crowd” (mp3)
from “Bomb Worldwide (Revised)”
(Bomb Hip Hop)

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New Jern Eye single featuring The Pharcyde

Looks like LA’s rap legends The Pharcyde are making a come back, as they clutch the ol’ school rap manual full of tips on how to drop metaphors. This time they are hosted by Bay Area’s most compelling and original new rap star, Jern Eye. Drop that old school flavor vs. new school hype against that sonic thunder of The Pharcyde’s beat and what where listening to is an (almost) instant classic.

Jern Eye
“Get Down (feat. The Pharcyde) [The Official Pharcyde Remix]” (download mp3)
from “”Get Down” Official Pharcyde Remix / CALI – SINGLE”
(MYX Music Label)
Get Down (feat. The Pharcyde) [The Official Pharcyde Remix] (play)

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A Happy Disco Electro Valentine 2U, kittins

Cam-D – “Release Yourself” mp3

Do I go all digi-disco on a V-Day that happens to coincide with the Lunar New Year for the Year Of The Tiger? But yes. Happy St. Valentine’s Hallmark Materialistic Emotional Manipulation Day! Oh did I say that? I did. I promised myself I wouldn’t. Let me try again. Happy Valentines Day sweetums, with love and chocolate hearts that sing, yours 4ever, Superfan. Better? Yes. This is music for frolicking and making out.

“Release Yourself” (mp3)
from “Rhythm Submission EP”
(Kult Records)

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Taiyamo Denku’s Problematic Solution

Taiyamo Denku – “Problematic Solution (feat. Pumpkinhead, Jise One & Urban Legend)” mp3

Have we all not at times in our lives resorted to problematic solutions? Is not a cigarette, for example, a solution for a short term problem? Is it not also problematic, in that it leads to more problems than it solves? The metaphor carries through every beat and lyric of this superior hip-hop track on Uncommon Records. A solemn, twangy baritone guitar riff sets the stage for sophisticated, dark and funny lyrical flows. Excellent.

Taiyamo Denku
“Problematic Solution (feat. Pumpkinhead, Jise One & Urban Legend)” (mp3)
from “Articles of Mind”
(Uncommon Records)

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Spon feat. Dj El Zink Brings It Back!

Spon – “Bring It Back (feat. DJ El-Zink)” mp3

Seems a lot of hip-hop l8ly is all about “bringin’ it back.” Bringin’ back that rap. It’s a bit comical because hip-hop, younger and more vital and rapidly evolving than any other form of popular music, is the newest commercial musical genre on this wee blue planet. A kid born when Rapper’s Delight was released, is 30 years old now! Hip-hop is a baby! A big beautiful healthy one, and reports of its demise are gr8ly exaggerated. Having said that, there are a lot of cool tracks on the matter of bringin’ back the “old school” and this here is one of ’em. Spon loves hip-hop. Spon and DJ El-Zink r bringin’ it back. Really.

“Bring It Back (feat. DJ El-Zink)” (mp3)
from “Sponatola (Nature of the Beast)”
(Domination Recording, LLC)

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Theory Hazit Othello & DJ Vajra on the Same Team, Suckas

Theory Hazit Othello & DJ Vajra – “Same Team Suckas feat. Theory Hazit” mp3

Tried and true old school MC skillz drop like a trail of beans to lead you out of the forest when Othello & DJ Vajra get silly on da mic. Starting as they do with an instantly recognizable Jackson 5 bite, they must step up, and step up they do. Quick rhyming fun and top notch beats, babies. Enjoy.

Othello & DJ Vajra
“Same Team Suckas (feat. Theory Hazit)” (mp3)
from “Active Balanced – Single”
(Colemine Records)

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