Tim Ismag Goes All Bass Animal On Elephant Man

Oh hellz yahz. It’s about time someone made a ‘lectronic bass monsterpiece around the iconic line from The Elephant Man. Tim Ismag delivers bass for yer face and lots of it. The creepy crawly sci-fi hi-end is prepopulous. I like it when music makes me make up new words. Dubsteppers step right up and puump this thru yr speeks.

Tim Ismag
“The Elephant Man” (download mp3)
from “The Future Dubstep LP”
“The Elephant Man” (play)
More bass!

Get your fist in the air

I wish Tim Ismag was making this kind of music when I was in junior high school. I lived in LA, and my friend had a low rider – a real sick one. It looked like it came off the cover of Low Rider Magazine, minus the Latin girl in a bikini. “Get the Party Started (feat. Prolific)” has that perfect blend of hip-hop lyrics over dirty beats that would have accentuated how cool we thought we where back then.

Tim Ismag
“Get the Party Started (feat. Prolific)” (download mp3)
from “Dance To Dubstep”
“Get the Party Started (feat. Prolific)” (play)

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