Rude City Riot gets had by bad Victoria

Rude City Riot – “Victoria”

A gleeful tale of woe and woo, told in ebullient third wave ska punk rapture. Did I form that sentence? I did. This is power pop the way the kids do it now, try and keep up, Opa.

Rude City Riot
“Victoria” (mp3)
from “Quickstar Productions Presents : Ska 4 Life volume 6”
(Quickstar Productions)

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Bim Skala Bim Skala Bim-@h!

Bim Skala Bim – “Hardest Of The Parts”

Ska from Boston? Boston, MA? Why yes, Dorothy. Stranger things have happened. Bim Skala Bim was in fact, part of a small wave of dedicated American ska bands that formed in the early 80’s, shortly after the two-tone era ended. Along with The Toasters, The Uptones, Fishbone, the Untouchables and a few other notables, Bim brought ska to another generation and opened the road for bands like Less Than Jake and Reel Big Fish. This one’s for the rude boys and girls. Keep on skankin’. Yeah, you know Superfan is modded up, I may even visit the Ska Shrine one day.

Bim Skala Bim
“Hardest Of The Parts” (mp3)
from “Krinkle”
(Beatville Records)

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