David Modica’s Silence Speaks Volumes

David Modica – “Silence Speaks” mp3

Ok, I do this on Sunday sometimes. Just need some really laid back chill factor ten kinda stuff to unwindify. David Modica is one of those guitarists who sits around with a loooooong delay and reverb AND chorus effects on his 6-string and just trips out fr daze. However, unlike my friends who do this sort of thing between gigs playing jazz or metal or whatnot, Mr. Modica takes it a step further musically, makes records of the stuff, and releases it to the public. Why not? Fits right into the New Age bins, and would be at home in any yoga or massage studio. Very pretty and soothing music, and right now, I’m all about it. Piano, guitars, and lovely effects, somewhere between improvisation and composition, slowly developing and full of soft surprises.

David Modica
“Silence Speaks” (mp3)
from “The Water is Wide”
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