All I Want’s My Baby, A Bottle, and The Real Nasty

“She was bad, I was good,” explains Ryan Lucas, singer songwriter with the Real Nasty. The Real Nasty is real nasty. Their songs are about the finer things in life: Drinking, doing drugs, having sex, having sex while doing drugs and drinking – and the like. Far from lurid or obscene, they make it all sound very wholesome. And their guitars sound soo good.

The Real Nasty
“Baby and a Bottle” (download mp3)
from “Dirty Dollars”
“Baby And A Bottle” (play)
(Ninth Street Opus)

The Real Nasty sez “Leave It Alone”

Words of relationship wisdom from The Real Nasty. Based in San Francisco, these rootsy rockers¬† can be found playing their simple, stripped down rock n’ roll originals in nightspots up and down the north coast of California. An old school trio of bass drums and guitar, with minimal effects, solid craft, and good songs. Very refreshing.

The Real Nasty
“Leave It Alone” (download mp3)
from “Strangers and Friends”
(Ninth Street Opus)
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The Real Nasty- “Leave It Alone” mp3