The Bar-Kays Freak the Dance Floor

Understand, The Bar-Kays are simply one of the coolest things to ever exist on earth. Their career is a study in the evolution of American popular music. Here we find our heroes in the throes of early 1980’s disco. Shake it baby.

The Barkays
“Freakshow on the Dance Floor” (download mp3)
from “Greatest Hits”
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The Barkays – “Freakshow on the Dance Floor”

The Bar-Kays are my joy

Did I really just find a new track by The Bar-Kays?! I did? Pinch me! I have a special place in my heart for this legendary Memphis band. Starting their run in the mid 60’s backing Otis Redding and other GR8 singers on Stax Records, the Bar-Kays ultimately influenced the evolution of soul, R&B, funk and rock and roll music, while overcoming some unimaginable tragedies along the way. This recent single is true to form, with that easy solid groove, luscious keyboards, and rapturous horn lines and vocals that put them at the top of the charts repeatedly – and as a footnote, won them a spot in the Rock and Roll hall of fame. This song has everything that is missing from the hyper-commercial pap of today. Sincerity and talent, to begin with. What a sweet lyric, and the rap bridge in the middle works perfectly. This music makes me smile.

The Barkays
“You’re My Joy” (download mp3)
from “The Real Thing”
“You’re My Joy” (play)

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