Swedish dancefloor kings

Swedish dance terror group Jamtech Foundation has just released the “Too Fast” EP on the blog-turned-record-label, Discobelle. This is a departure from their earlier sounds as they pull out the sub-frequency kick/snare/bass cannon out of hock and deliver sonic mayhem on a community of techno lovers. Expect more bass bliss from Dj Niceness & Mastah L over the next several years.

Jamtech Foundation “Too Fast (play/download mp3)

Buy the rest of Too Fast on Beatport.

Bangana’s Sentient Chip-Hop

Bangana – “Fresh To Death” mp3

This is the most blatant clubb myoozic evar! A true celebration of the artificial, this is what it would sound like if your CPU became self-aware. Far from starting a master race of machines and wiping out all humanity, it would just want to party, dance a while and maybe mate with a human or three after drinkys. The very soul of the machine, as channeled by Bangana, ladies and gentlebots. Dieter would be pleased.

“Fresh To Death” (mp3)
from “Fresh to Death EP”
(Underground Collective)

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DJ Dan Sticks ‘Em Good

DJ Dan, Donald Glaude, Jeff T – “Stick Em” mp3

House DJ star DJ Dan is joined by Donald Glaude and Jeff T to conflagrate the dance and leave no pore dry. This is party music. Its purpose is to facilitate the party. To cause masses of humanity to move their butts and wave their arms and have a good time. It doesn’t exist for other purposes, and why should it? “Stick Em” is a trip through über contemporary dance music, from one of its foremost cre8ors. Enjoy. Nuther excellent ‘lectronica tip from Subverse.

DJ Dan, Donald Glaude, Jeff T
“Stick Em” (mp3)
from “Stick Em – Remixes”
(InStereo Recordings)

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Techno Tuesday! Why not?

Baobinga & I.D. – “Jersey St.”

I love the 808 acid sound. I thought that about a year ago we were going to see a revival of the old techno favorite. But, alas, dubstep’s large presence on the urban dancefloors of the world left no room for that. Baobinga & I.D.’s “Jersey St.” has the total party in the park on a Saturday afternoon vibe. And that’s exactly how I like my techno to rock. Props to Subverse for turning me on to this GR8 stuff.

Baobinga & I.D.
“Jersey St.” (mp3)
from “Big Monster”
(Fat Records)

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SIMO, B. Smiley tell “Secrets” and rock the house

SIMO & B. Smiley – “Secrets”

SIMO, B. Smiley get COMPLETELY foolish on this breakbeat work of mastery. If you play this at your party and the place doesn’t bounce, maybe your friends are dead, call paramedics. Massive bass synths and a fun forward tempo with hypnotic vocal sound bites snaking in and out to guide you through. Massive track.

SIMO, B. Smiley
“Secrets” (mp3)
from “Sleevin Records Best of 06-08 Compilation”
(Sleevin Records)

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