Lederhosen Lucil: “Anarchavid”


This is one of my first finds when I started looking up what the internet offered the world of “indie rock/pop” as opposed to trying to catch collage radio programs or hanging out in Tower Records.  “Lederhosen Lucil” is the creation of one Krista Muir of Montreal, Canada — a very talented, creative and often very humorous songwriter, ukulelist, keyboardist, visual artist and stage-personality. Lucil’s songs are as creative and memorable as they are funny. Here’s a fine introduction with her synth-punk, garage/mod, NEW WAVE rocker:


Down the Old Cold River with The Growlers

The Growlers – “Old Cold River”

Somewhere in a roadhouse with dusty red velvet curtains, on an old redwood cabaret stage, for an audience of ghosts next to a country highway to nowhere, The Growlers begin to play. In a swirl of reverb and tinsel, the zombified spirit of Elvis dirty dances with Marilyn, as Hunter Thompson smokes through a diamond studded cigarette holder with Marlene Dietrich. Nearby the old cold river flows, perpetually, indifferent to the souls it carries to the ocean, long after the road is silent. What is music, other than a mind altering substance? If so, this is gr8 music!

The Growlers
“Old Cold River” (mp3)
from “Are You In Or Out?”

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The Beachniks, Riding Out on Power of Love

The Beachniks  – “Riding Out”

My affection for ska is no secret. I love to watch the creeping influence of this GR8 form of dance music as it extends to every corner of the globe, moving feet and warming hearts. Here we have an Aussie band, skanking it good style with their own down under surf shack rockin’ flavor. This track is built on cool, tight combo playing and effortlessly fun vocals, with some very juicy production values. The filter effects on the guitars in particular are brilliant.  Surf’s up!

The Beachniks
“Riding Out” (mp3)
from “The Many Moods of the Beachniks”

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Kung Fu Monkeys sent to Summer School!

The Kung Fu Monkeys – “Summer School”

In grade school, the idea of spending summer attending classes was akin to a prison sentence. And though I never was punished in this terrible way, the threat of it was ever-present as I decided between algebra homework and more rock and roll fun with my friends. Some kids got sent to juvenile hall for joyriding and selling dope, but the truly unlucky were sitting in hot classrooms in August while their friends partied at the beach. This song brings it all back. Genius.

The Kung Fu Monkeys
“Summer School” (mp3)
from “Christmas for Breakfast”
(Whoa Oh Records)

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Rocket 350’s “Six Gun” shoots fast and straight

Rocket 350 – “Six Gun”

How much reverb can you stack on a twang guitar before it drowns? There really is no limit. Rocket 350 is a wild rockabilly band with some south of the border twists and dub sensibilities. Really. This song rocks. I love that freaky twitch in the vocal on the chorus. Gives me goosebumps.

Rocket 350
“Six Gun” (mp3)
from “American Grease”
(Beatville Records)

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Tony Alva is a Rock and Roll Star..

Opal Book Club – “Tony Alva”

Gr8 song about the gr8est sk8rs ever. It’s funny, it’s irreverent, AND it ROCKS! Opal Book Club from Berkeley, CA, layin’ down the wizdumb.

Opal Book Club
“Tony Alva” (mp3)
from “MP3 Jackpot Winners”
(Fun Fun Fun Recordings)

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