Drunk Horse – “Strange Transgressors” (mp3)

Drunk Horse – “Strange Transgressors”

These guys began their brand of psyche-NWOBHM-esque stoner-rock in 1998. After a few albums on the now bankrupt label, Man’s Ruin Records, they’re on Tee Pee Records. After 12 years, 5 albums, and 3 EPs Drunk Horse proves with “Strange Transgressors” that they are continuing setting the bar in the Bay Area rock scene.

Drunk Horse
“Strange Transgressors” (mp3)
from “In Tongues”
(Tee Pee Records)

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Witch – “Eye”

Less stoner, more 70s, and more trippy. Witch encompasses stoner-rock, psychedelia, and much doom-power in their sound. Their latest album Paralyzed on Tee Pee Records, picks up with some more punk-ish overtones, and they recently recruited Annihilation Time guitar madman Graham Clise to the lineup.

“Eye” (mp3)
from “Paralyzed”
(Tee Pee Records)
“Eye” (play)

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