Spectrals “Get A Grip,” I Attempt To Do Same

If there were a reverb effect preset called “blissfully gloomy English fog,” it would be this. Here is some dreampoppin’ sadvergnügen from the sub-strata of life viewed with sunglasses in winter. That made sense to me. Which is worrisome. But don’t worry about your Superfan, I just need to Get A Grip.

“Get A Grip” (download mp3)
from “Bad Penny”
“Get A Grip” (play)
(Slumberland Records)

Anticipating that “7th Date” with Spectrals

Spectrals – “7th Date” mp3

Spectrals make a lovely arrangement of pop furniture from Pet Sounds and Phil Spector’s Wall Of Sound and such, to set the scene for “7th Date.” Here we consider just what this 7th date means, and what to say and do! Is it always so clear? But no, Alice. Delicious single, a keeper, DL it and don’t rush your decisions, honey bunnies.

“7th Date” (mp3)
from “7th Date”
(Slumberland Records)
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