Infernal Overdrive, “Duel”

Brooklyn’s Infernal Overdrive sound as if they were raised on a steady diet of Grand Funk Railroad. Their timing couldn’t be better with Van Halen recently touring and releasing and a new album, the public’s ears are tuned back into the 70’s rock channel. “Duel” is a rambunctious tune with big drums and plenty of power chords – so turn it up!

Infernal Overdrive
“Duel” (download mp3)
from “Last Rays of the Dying Sun”
(Small Stone Records)
Duel (play)


All Time High Get High In Friends’ Places

I like Small Stone Records. A Small Stone, for the uninitiated, is an effects pedal favored by stoners in the 1970’s and ever since. It is a “phaser” and it makes whooshy whooshy tone sweeps. You control the speed. You control the depth. You say things like “whoa, dude, nice!” and your mom comes in with your report card and papers to have you committed to an institution. Most Small Stone owners had Lava Lamps. All of them had bongs. All Time High on Small Stone Record, my dears, with “Nice Guys Laugh Last”. Kinda Nirvana-ish stoner rock. It pleases me.

All Time High
“Nice Guys Laugh Last” (download mp3)
from “Friends in High Places”
“Nice Guys Laugh Last” (play)
(Small Stone Records)
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Freedom Hawk Drops A Mighty “Thunderfoot”

Is it just me or does the lead singer of Freedom Hawk sound like Ozzy, post Black Sabbath? You know I like my metal heavy, big and gnarly, with lots of gnarls. Wussified cookie monster child’s play this is not. On the very totally baddass Small Stone Records label. Go forth and bang thy head.

Freedom Hawk
“Thunderfoot” (download mp3)
from “Holding On”
“Thunderfoot” (play)
(Small Stone Records)

Getting Lucky With Ironweed’s “The Lucky Ones”

Fukn rawk. Ironweed sounds like their name. Metal in a room full of bong smoke. It delights me to no end that people still get together to make music like this. Complete with the gnarly double guitar leads and true, old school metal vocals. GR8 fun.

“The Lucky Ones” (download mp3)
from “Your World of Tomorrow”
“The Lucky Ones” (play)
(Small Stone Records)
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Amply Amped Power Trio Tia Carrera, On Fire

What exactly do we expect from a power trio from Austin that takes its name from the über babe who played über rock goddess Cassandra Wong in Wayne’s World? This. You expect this, and nothing less. From their new record on Small Stone Records, this entirely improvised freakout was recorded live in a home studio amongst bong and lava lamps. Epic, ridiculous, over the top stoner rock for miles.

Tia Carrera
“A Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing” (download mp3)
from “Cosmic Priestess”
(Small Stone Records)
“A Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing” (play)
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All Time High’s Pollyannish Grunge

All Time High – “Pollyanna” mp3

Pollyanna is I believe one of the best words in the English language. It’s a relatively new term, whose origin is simple – Pollyanna was the name of a child heroine created by American writer Eleanor Porter, who was optimistic and sweet regardless of whatever dire circumstances did beset her. Often used disparagingly, I consider it a virtue. Seattle’s All Time High has a thing or two to sing about the matter, in classic Seattle grunge rock style, in this wonderful bit of rock and roll philosiphizin’. Everything is gr8! Really.

All Time High
“Pollyanna” (mp3)
from “Friends in High Places”
(Small Stone Records)

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All Time High Steals the Steel Sunshine

All Time High – “Steel Sunshine”

From the “Northwest Mind Meld” comp comes this joyously defiant bit of hip swayin’ psychedelic hard rock. Perfect for a lost summer weekend.

All Time High
“Steel Sunshine” (mp3)
from “Northwest Mind Meld”
(Small Stone Records)

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