Spectrals “Get A Grip,” I Attempt To Do Same

If there were a reverb effect preset called “blissfully gloomy English fog,” it would be this. Here is some dreampoppin’ sadvergnügen from the sub-strata of life viewed with sunglasses in winter. That made sense to me. Which is worrisome. But don’t worry about your Superfan, I just need to Get A Grip.

“Get A Grip” (download mp3)
from “Bad Penny”
“Get A Grip” (play)
(Slumberland Records)

Big Troubles’s Pleasant “Misery”

If you could bottle the feeling of a cloudy overcast day, cough syrup and a crush, it would sound like this. Romantic Comedy is a perfectly named album from Big Troubles. They’re all emo fuzzy pretty and the singer sounds like Billy Corgan might, if he weren’t so.. Billy Corgan. This song is about having fun, and it’s called “Misery.”

Big Troubles
“Misery” (download mp3)
from “Romantic Comedy”
“Misery” (play)
(Slumberland Records)
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Veronica Falls’ Bad Feeling Makes Me Feel Gooder

Dreamfully descending into the blissful death pop of Veronica Falls. How a song can remind me of early Cure records, and Beach Boys records, AND Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear The Reaper” all at once, I cannot fathom. My mission here is to find and post a gr8 legal free mp3 download once a day until I can’t find any more. I’m still at it! Introducing Veronica Falls, from London, my dears. Exquisite, shoegazing goth romance. Le sigh. Le swoon.

Veronica Falls
“Bad Feeling” (download mp3)
from “Veronica Falls”
“Bad Feeling” (play)
(Slumberland Records)
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Sarandon Kills Twee Pop On Joe’s Record

“Joe’s Record” is a song from an album by a band called Sarandon, called “Kill Twee Pop!” The music is spastic and quirky. It pleases me. And even with everything that’s arty and odd about this track, somehow the handclap business makes it sound inescapably pop. Peculiar. Splendid.

“Joe’s Record” (download mp3)
from “Kill Twee Pop!”
(Slumberland Records)
“Joes Record” (play)
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Painting “Value Lines” in Brilliant Colors

Bounding forth gallantly into a reverby, jangly, tom tom-pounding pop heaven, this track from Brilliant Colors brand new album is.. brilliant and colorful! Refreshing super-indie wonderfulness. Thanks to the inimitable SFMusicSluts for turning me on to this delightful San Francisco trio.

Brilliant Colors
“Value Lines” (download mp3)
from “Again and Again”
“Value Lines” (play)
(Slumberland Records)
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Drama Follows Gold-Bears To “Record Store”

This charming and original cut is set in that endangered species called the Record Store. In the Before Time, record stores, like coral reefs, were fertile gathering areas for musicians, music fans, hormone-crazed teens and myriad other colorful species. This song rings of end-of-relationship catharsis, sounding rather like The Smiths meets Neutral Milk Hotel. That’s big praise, in case you weren’t sure.

“Record Store” (download mp3)
from “Are You Falling In Love?”
(Slumberland Records)
“Record Store” (play)
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Girls Names and the Great Wall Of Goth

Sounding like The Smiths having a Joy Division fit at Phil Spector’s empty mansion late one dark night, Girls Names creates a marvelous wall of gothiness. An active live band around Belfast, Northern Ireland, this trio embraces a flavor of rock born in the 60’s and taken to new heights in the 80’s. I defy you not to gaze at your shoes!

Girls Names
“I Lose” (download mp3)
from “Dead To Me”
(Slumberland Records)
“I Lose” (play)
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We Like “Big Trev” Too, Sarandon

Sprightly and spastic, cute n’ quirky, this charming outburst from UK’s Sarandon is a perky bundle o’ joy. Not a band to get bogged down in the weighty issues of the day, these guys play fun songs, when they feel like it, because it’s fun. A fine philosophy.

“Big Trev” (download mp3)
from “The Age of Reason”
(Slumberland Records)
“Big Trev” (play)
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Anticipating that “7th Date” with Spectrals

Spectrals – “7th Date” mp3

Spectrals make a lovely arrangement of pop furniture from Pet Sounds and Phil Spector’s Wall Of Sound and such, to set the scene for “7th Date.” Here we consider just what this 7th date means, and what to say and do! Is it always so clear? But no, Alice. Delicious single, a keeper, DL it and don’t rush your decisions, honey bunnies.

“7th Date” (mp3)
from “7th Date”
(Slumberland Records)
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Black Tambourine’s Ex-Love

Black Tambourine – “For Ex-Lovers Only” mp3

What a perfect name for this band. Seethingly dark gothy pain-bliss with a rolling drum, bass and guitar grunge mass, careening along beneath a a reverb drenched lone female vocal. Gets in, makes its point and gets out. Like a good ex-lover.

Black Tambourine
“For Ex-Lovers Only” (mp3)
from “Black Tambourine”
(Slumberland Records)

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