Withered Hand – No Cigarettes – and No Visa!

Here’s another gr8 tune by Edinburgh, Scotland based visual artist Dan Willson, whose musical project is known as Withered Hand. A brilliant and original songwriter, Willson’s work is quickly gaining recognition among music-heads in the US and abroad. One sad detail, however – he may not make his scheduled gig at SXSW, as his visa has been delayed! Apparently, he has to prove that his talents are extraordinary, or they wont let him in. How silly. I signed this petition to ask that Mr. Willson’s visa be expedited, that he might bring his act to the US’s creme de la creme new music fest in Austin, TX. “No Cigarettes” is from the album “You’re Not Alone,” just released stateside this month.

Withered Hand
“No Cigarettes” (download mp3)
from “You’re Not Alone”
(SL Records)
“No Cigarettes”
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The Dumbettes ever so smart “Dumb Head”

The Dumbettes – “Dumb Head” mp3

Ever felt like this? Wow, a post-modernized Phil Spector-esque pop ballad about blowing a good romance. That precious moment when one realizes one has been a perfect fool, immortalized in song. Take heart, Dumbettes, you got a GR8 song out of it. Marvelous lyrics, and superb production, too. Two dumbs up!

The Dumbettes
“Dumb Head” (mp3)
from “Dumb Head / There’s Someone at the Window – Single”
(SL Records)
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