R We Not Robots? We R Phenomenauts

The Phenomenauts – “I Am Not Robot” mp3

Hailing from a planet near Oakland, CA whose name you can’t pronounce, The Phenomenauts have been practicing their space-o-billy stage wizardry for over a decade in earth years. For them it is but an eye blink, and here we find the ‘nauts in a do-wopppish state of robot reverie, dreaming of electric sheep. This is a band that set up uninvited outside the Warped Tour one summer, played with a generator next to their van, which itself looks like a comic space ship, won fans over and were eventually added to the tour lineup. That’s badass. Robots or not, these guys have tons of heart. And this song is gr8.

The Phenomenauts
“I Am Not Robot” (mp3)
from “Electric Sheep: Electronic Extended Play”
(Silver Sprocket)

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