Noah And The MegaFauna Make Me Moan All Night

I favor song titles that make you have to listen. “Moan All Night” for example. Either a sexy all night sex song, or a doom-ridden introspective flu nightmare. It’s somewhere in between, as it turns out. Tom Waits meets a renegade troupe of gypsies on the outskirts of reality, where they drink absinthe and slowly suck each others’ fingers. I’m pretty sure.

Noah And The MegaFauna
“Moan All Night”
(download mp3)
from “Anthems For A Stateless Nation”
“Moan All Night” (play)
(Silence Breaks)

Kelli Scarr’s “Pure Gold” is, well, pure gold

Kelli Scarr – “Pure Gold” mp3

You ready for some beautiful singing? This recording by singer-songwriter and sometime Moby touring band member Kelli Scarr is a shimmering masterwork, worthy of its title. It starts out deceptively simple, with a dry, John Lennon-esque piano bed setting the stage for a blissful gospel-pop chord progression, and a vocal that melts rocks. Kelli’s bio is a fun read, and today again I have to sing the praises of the Interwebs for allowing me to discover such a fine talent with my morning coffee. This track is special. Hope you enjoy.

Kelli Scarr
“Pure Gold” (mp3)
from “Piece”
(Silence Breaks)
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