Sea Of Bees See Gnomes Bein’, Seen?

You’re not in Kansas anymore. You’re not even in the midwest. These Gnomes done hath crawled off the lawn. They are gone, baby, gone. Carried off by a Sea Of Bees. Fly, be free.

Sea of Bees
“Gnomes” (download mp3)
from “Gnomes b/w Don’t Fear the Reaper”
“Gnomes” (play)
(Crossbill Records)

Sea of Bees feasts on “Marmalade”

Sea Of Bees – “Marmalade” mp3

What does a Sea Of Bees sound like? Why, like this, Dorothy. A very buzzing, furry, winged self-organizing symphony of pollinating honeybugs. Sea Of Bees is actually one Julie Ann Bee, a (deep breath) multi-talented singer-songwriter-player-arranger-producer who writes and performs purty much every track on her lush and lovely recordings. Me likes it a lot. Now what happens when a Sea Of Bees gets into the Marmalade? Listen and find out, dears. Gr8 stuff.

Sea of Bees
“Marmalade” (mp3)
from “Songs for the Ravens”
(Crossbill Records)

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