Too Many Crooks

Here’s a trio of timeless tracks from UK ska-powerhouse Too Many Crooks. Herein lies the best in classic UK ska sounds, by far: Bad Manners, Madness, 2-Tone, and beyond.

Ready, steady, GO!

Too Many Crooks! — Their title tune. Red-alert rudeness!!

Hearts Cruel Lesson — The rudeness continuous with a slower, swinging groove, a mod-pop bridge, and some wicked solos.

Part Time Girl — Aaaaaaaayeeee!!!! Hide the kids!

Crossin’ Fingers in the Black Hills with Kid Dakota

Kid Dakota isn’t crossing fingers for luck in this lumbering, acidic, and sweet tune. Lies are the matter at hand, infidelities sprinkled throughout a not-so-secret-anymore diary entry. Told through heavy guitars, hard spacious drums and heartbreak vocals, “Crossin’ Fingers” has that slow-motion feeling of finding out the not so pretty truth.

Kid Dakota
“Crossin’ Fingers” (download mp3)
from “So Pretty”
(Chairkickers Union Music)
“Crossin’ Fingers” (play)
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The Strange Transgressions of a Drunk Horse

Drunk Horse – “Strange Transgressors” mp3

Drunk Horse, I have to say, does something that some rock bands neglect to do these days: they rock. Of this song, I could say it sounds like Led Zep might if they came from Lynyrd Skynyrd’s corner of the American south, or I could just say it careens along like a rampaging horse, drunk and breathing fire. In reality, this band of hair farmers hails from my hometown of Oakland, California, and they kick whole truckloads of ass. Four guys with guitars, drums and real old school rawk chops. Extra crunchy, and oh so much yummy riffing goodness.

Drunk Horse
“Strange Transgressors” (mp3)
from “In Tongues”
(Tee Pee Records)

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Kent State – “Radio Moscow” mp3

One of the cooler regional hits of 1982 was the lo-fi garage punk of “Radio Moscow” by a Southern California band called Kent State (formerly Red Brigade). They played every punk venue on the west coast and then some, adding a twist to American hardcore music that was more Troggs than Sex Pistols. Rodney Bingenheimer played this song heavily on The ROQ, and even made it the lead off track on one of his famed compilation LP’s. The lyrics are such a time capsule – pure cold war angst plus a needed dose of irreverent humor. More yummy goodness from Posh Boy Music.

Kent State
“Radio Moscow” (download mp3)
from “The Future Looks Brightest – Rarities and Orphans Volume 1”
(Posh Boy Music)
Radio Moscow (play)

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The Uprising – “We Don’t Belong” mp3

The Uprising – “We Don’t Belong” mp3

Now this is punk rock. Swift hardcore beat, anthemic choruses and idealistic verses. Kick ass. It’s so right on I have little more to say about it. Download and punk out.

The Uprising
“We Don’t Belong” (mp3)
from “Appetite For Deception”
(Long Live Crime Records)

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The Uptones – “Bested By Pelicans” MP3

sfu-coverHow can you describe a song about the superior evolution of pelicans compared to man.  But that’s what the Rev. Paul Jackson wrote and sings about. Sitting on the beach observing pelicans in flight, the Rev. explains why he has pelican envy.  This is truly a one of a kind song. Once you get it, you love it.

The Uptones – “Bested By Pelicans” MP3
The Uptones
from “Skankin’ Foolz Unite!
(Fun Fun Fun Recordings)
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Bob Marley & The Wailers – “Soul Shakedown Party (Afrodisiac Sound System Remix)”

Yes, that’s right the great Bob Marley and the Wailers hit, remixed specially for your next party! What a GR8 why to keep Bob’s music alive!

Bob Marley & The Wailers
“Soul Shakedown Party (Afrodisiac Sound System Remix)” (download mp3)
from “Roots, Rock, Remixed”
(rockr / Quango / Tuff Gong)
Soul Shakedown Party (Afrodisiac Sound System Remix) (play)

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